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Travel Jobs >> Travel Articles >> Traveling Career Feature >> Travel Agent Jobs – How to Prepare for Travel Agent Jobs
  • Traveling Career Feature

Travel Agent Jobs – How to Prepare for Travel Agent Jobs

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Travel agent jobs are persistently growing in demand regardless of the struggling pace of the global economy. There are many prominent travel agencies who are looking for some qualified travel agents to be able to give better and more efficient service to their avid customers. The leaders of certain travel agencies are putting a lot of effort in order to find some suitable individuals to become a part of their prestigious company and by that; they in return would also want a quality outcome from their future employees.

Travel agent jobs basically work for a certain travel agency and these individuals give their clients a travel advice to a chosen destination, products, and other services. These travel agents can also make accommodation in hotels, book tours, arrange transportations, rent a car, and also give an advice to clients on different tourist attractions. As the world evolves on high end technology, computers are one of the easiest ways to access some important information regarding schedules, cost, distributing tickets – airline, train and any mode of transportation, travel insurance policies and itineraries; and reservation confirmation of the client. These entire things are being done by a travel agent.

Other responsibilities and qualifications of a travel agent is also schedule appointments, organize travel plans, make arrangements and notify clients if there are some travel plan changes, make some proposals to certain clients to minimize the cost of their travel or to give them an offer on a specially reduced rates that would meet requirements for a reduced fares or sales and also offer advice on passports, visas, customer regulations, vaccination certificates, and other money exchange rates. Having great communication skills, determined in complying work, a previous customer service skills, have a good sales and computer skills, can work under pressure and with a great focus in achieving success is what some travel agencies would want to hire as one of their travel agent.

Possessing willingness to learn new ideas and skills and to go on training is what these travel agencies would want from their future employees. Having that outgoing personality, being courteous, respectful, having an ample amount of patience even with working under a great deal of pressure and stress, and being trustworthy is the personality leaders of these travel agencies want to gain. In applying for travel agent jobs in a certain travel agency company of your choice in a desired state all across the United State is not that complicated and difficult if you know what to look for. Submission of an application letter with a qualifying resume is a start in establishing a future career as a travel agent. Always anticipate an interview after submission of your application and be sure to have good skills in communications and knowledge about the detailed job background in order for you to have a better edge than your fellow competitors in acquiring a travel agent job you always wanted and desired.

Other qualifications are having a two years experience in sales especially in travel and leisure agency experience, preferably a college diploma at hand ( but a high school diploma is also accepted ), ability to pass a drug screen and a successful completion of the background check. Other requirements would include possessing a competitive sales drive to meet monthly goals, successfully complete the company’s training, an effective communicator both verbal and in writing and communicate in a respectful and professional manner to customers, has good leadership skills, provide excellent customer service, and maintain member retention.

The average salary of a travel agent career is $57,000 as according to the government data and it will also depend whether you will work for a certain travel agencies in a fulltime basis or just for a part time job only. But mostly, as according to survey, some established travel agencies are looking and hiring employees for a long term basis or on full time to give more dedication and emphasis to their prestigious company.

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