How to Become a Travel Consultant

Traveling can be done for numerous reasons, including for vacationing purpose or for business purpose. No matter where you are traveling and for what purpose, you certainly would like to make your trip the most memorable experience. This trend of traveling is getting higher and higher every year thus, opening lucrative job prospects for travel consultants. The travel consultant jobs basically include interviewing clients plus planning accommodation and transportation, which meet each client’s vacation desires.

The travel consultants promote as well as sell holiday or business traveling products straightforwardly to public generally from the retail outlet. The typical work activities of a travel consultant incorporate selling holidays along with the travel products to the customers further meeting the daily sales target as given by the manager of the traveling agency. Also, dealing with all the intricate customer itineraries as well as handling the customer payments and orders is done by a travel consultant.

The travel consultant is also responsible for liaising with the tour operators and various other prime partners, including airline and hotels about schedules and bookings. The travel consultants perform several additional activities, such as advising the clients regarding their passports, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, foreign currency, car hire abroad, car parking plus excursions in the resorts.

They all require undertaking general administration as well as deal with the complaints plus update and use the IT skills, as information on the holiday bookings and packages is generally accessed through Internet. Proper organized display of the promotional materials is also a part of the travel consultant jobs.

The consultants, no matter for business travel or holiday travel, book the package holidays according to the budget of the customers. They first have to discuss with the clients about their traveling needs, preferred destination and budget then based upon that make a suitable package.

A traveling consultant holds expertise in both national and intention travel and should be expert in various regional languages. The travel consultant is generally well-versed and well trained with all the subtle customs along with cultural nuances in one or more destinations or country. Deep knowledge about different languages, history and geography are most often the strongest points of a travel consultant.

The travel consultants should be approachable and outgoing and have outstanding customer service proficiency. To perform their job, the consultants need to possess sales skills, successful and decisive problem solving aptitude, a good knowledge about geography, including both national and international destinations along with a zeal for detail. Other traits like flexibility, patience and fine humor sense are also needed. The travel consultant should also be extremely self motivated and capable of working under pressure and stress while having orientation for high sales. Also, the consultant should posses a clear understanding of flights. Proficiency in different languages is an added advantage.

To get started as a traveling consultant, the candidate should have a diploma in travel and tourism or apprenticeship. A bachelor's degree in hospitality may also assist in getting a travel consultant job.

The work experience required to get a travel consultant job should be more than one year. Several traveling companies hire fresh graduates as well. The more practical knowledge you posses the better it is for you to excel in the traveling industry.

The median salary package that you may get as a travel consultant may vary from $40,000 to $60,000. The pay package can get high with working experience.

Once you gain considerable experience as a traveling consultant then you get several worth considering options. You can continue working in small or large travel agencies or even have your own personal businesses. The option incorporates purchasing the existing business or collaborating with other travel consultant or stating a novel business.

The traveling industry is one of the most lucrative options. Like any other moneymaking industry, this sector too offers excellent opportunities affixed with high commissions. Being a travel consultant, you will not just be able to make enough money but also get to know about various interesting unheard places and also a chance to visit them personally. The more you will explore yourself the more you will become a proficient travel consultant.
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